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This year’s South Summit edition will allow you to have access to valuable content, have global exposure, and build relevant connections with the different actors of the innovation ecosystem year-round.

South Summit 2021 platform and content

This year South Summit comes with an innovative production proposal where al the spaces will be integrated within a digital platform, enabling the attendees to choose how they want to be part of the encounter and make the best of it.

  • Content:  Discover the leading disruptive trends and get inspired by top mind speakers in the innovation ecosystem.

  • Plan your encounter: plan and tailor how your experience around this encounter will be, based on your interests and goals.

Brand awareness and visibility

Spread the word about your business to the world, enhance the global reach, and escalate your business’ reputation.

  • Virtual stand for both your startup and your team members in our Market Place. 

  • Access to our Online Pitch Section 

Networking tool

We look to facilitate the opportunity to build valuable and strategic connections. Arrange meetings with different ecosystem actors, potential new customers, and users to boost your business.


Have the opportunity to connect with top-tier investors from around the world suitable for your idea, business stage, and industry.

Access to Ecosystem Opportunities

Throughout the whole year, you’ll have the opportunity to access different calls, workshops, challenges, and encounters that the ecosystem actors promote.

Would you like to boost your startup at South Summit?

South Summit brings together startups, corporates and investors to connect and shape the future.

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Valencia — 3, 4 Nov 2021

Valencia — 3, 4 Nov 2021