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  • Wave
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  • Wave
  • Geolocation
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  • Founded in 2014
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  • 5-10 employees

Wave is an app which enables you to locate your contacts real-time in a private map for a limited period of time. We see countless situations where Wave is a useful tool - a group of friends meeting to grab a beer, a father and his daughter who is going out at night, a skiing trip, a music festival, a business meeting, a group of students traveling to an unknown city – basically anytime when 2 or more people need to meet. People need to be able to find each other in an effective and efficient way. We are still making calls or texting to locate each other. And if we are moving it makes everything even more difficult. For this reason Wave was created, a mobile application with the mission to join people. In real life. We can talk efficiently, chat efficiently, surf the web, play... but we still can't locate each other in a quick and simple way. Wave is here to revolutionize the way we find people and become a "must" in every smartphone.

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