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radAR Set-up
  • Radar Set-up
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Cancer will affect 1 in 3 people during their lifetime. Nearly 2/3 of these will receive RADIOTHERAPY, totalling over one million patients in the US in 2016. Despite the advancements in techniques and equipment, around 20% of the treatments still suffer errors due to poor patient positioning. "radAR Set-up" is designed to solve the patient positioning and movement control problems using AUGMENTED REALITY. We propose to use these techniques to IMPROVE PATIENT POSITIONING in real-time and provide automatic MOVEMENT MONITORING before and during the treatment, as well as providing the therapist with all the information related to the treatment in a novel nonintrusive way. Existing solutions have different problems. In particular, the advantages of our system include: avoiding extra radiation doses to the patient, seamless integration into the current treatment workflow, not increasing the time needed to treat each patient, and not requiring extra actions or complex training.

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Arturo Pérez Mulas

Arturo Pérez Mulas


Ángela Martín Ruiz

Ángela Martín Ruiz