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  • Wooptix
TypeStartup Startup interested in Clients, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility, Talent, Management Support
  • Wooptix
  • Image & Face Recognition
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  • Founded in 2015
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  • 10-20 employees

We convert any camera into a 3D camera (including off the self smartphones) with all the advantages in 3D and also in 2D with FULL resolution of the sensor Enjoy 3D in your mobile, tablet or DSLR. Take pictures as never before (always a good shoot), all in focus 2D&3D, also you can refocus the picture after it is taken. Much more capabilities... Problem solving: -Solving the low resolution of 3D (we got full resolution of the sensor: 2k, 4k images) -The lack of 3D content (as it is expensive people doesn´t buy cameras, so they don´t generate content) -Saving lots of costs on 3D making (we use just 1 camera, your camera) -Always need a computer to process images (we do it on CPU) -Low light (we take pictures as if we were using 2D cameras)

If you have a proposal on some of these areas, we will gladly analyze: