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  • Uniko
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  • Uniko
  • Banking
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  • Founded in 2014
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  • 10-20 employees

Gifts represent 15% of the global economy.This equates to the GDP of Japan, Germany, Russia and Brazil combined. Although the gift industry is huge, most who buy the gift describe the process as stressful, and those who receive the gift are dissatisfied. This is what economists call dead weight loss, a great economic waste in the world. Uniko is a new way to give and receive gifts in the world and be able to exchange them for cash. Now we are focusing in wedding, one of the most important occasion in life, Marriage as we know it has changed dramatically over the past decade. Today, more than 50% of couples live together before getting married, and they´re doing it at an older age which means they already own many of the items that are gifted in a traditional wedding registry, such as toaster. Actually traditional registries such -Tied to a single store -Have + than 30% overprice on products -Repeated gifts - Horrible returns policies. -0 flexibility

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