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  • Sugarwise
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  • Sugarwise
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  • Founded in 2016
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Manufactured food is bursting with free or added sugars. Yet sugar has become public health enemy no. 1 in the last few years, as evidence mounts that it contributes hugely to the disease burden worldwide. The WHO recently recommended that no more than 5% of calories should come from free sugars. To make matters worse, many of the products claiming to use 'natural' alternatives to sugar do not even approach the WHO recommendation. For instance, agave and honey sweetened confectionery bars often contain just as many harmful free sugars as sugar sweetened bars, yet misleadingly advertise themselves as healthier options. In response to public pressure, companies will need to set themselves apart from the pack with a clear marque showing, at a glance, that their products are truly lower sugar. Sugarwise has developed the only assessment procedure in the world (patent pending) for empirically assessing free sugars content, and we use this to licence an on-product kitemark to manufacturers.

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