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  • Sunutions
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  • SunUtions
  • Energy Efficiency
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  • Founded in 2014
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  • 2-5 employees

SunUtions is a startup that works on the production and development of solar systems for capturing the power of the Sun and transmitting it into usable energy by optimizing the costs and power consumption of the facilities. Our efforts are geared towards solving the Energy crisis, as Energy bills are becoming very expensive, the traditional power sources are becoming very unreliable, limited and not supplied to remote and poor areas. Our main product is the Daylight Collector, it is a lighting system which features an idea inspired from the Sun Flower where a fundamental system uses a rooftop mirror, tracking the sun all over the day to gather sunlight, and an optical fiber network distributed within the building to carry the light indoors.

If you have a proposal on some of these areas, we will gladly analyze: