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  • Unima
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  • Unima
  • Medtech & Healthcare
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  • Founded in 2015
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  • 10-20 employees

Unima developed a lab in a paper technology which diagnoses infectious diseases like tuberculosis, influenza or HIV directly at the point of care, without the use of lab equipment, in 15 minutes, with a cost of $1 per test, and it can be used even by people with no technical training. We are solving the problem of access to diagnostics for 3 billion people living in the developing world or in limited resource settings in high income countries. This technology is based in the use of a microfluidic paper device, a chimeric recombinant shark antibody printed in the paper device and a smartphone app, and can be used even in the most remote areas of the world. The is very simple to use: first, take a blood sample from a finger prick; put the sample on the paper device; after 10 minutes take a picture with the smartphone app, getting a result in less than 5 seconds. The result, along with contextual information is sent to a cloud server to be used for real time disease surveillance.

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