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  • Virtual Reality
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Portable/affordable Virtual Reality headsets are one of the hypes of year 2016. However, all of them have two major problems: 1) they are bulky and heavy; 2) they have poor resolution. These problems prevent a truly enjoyable VR experience. ThinEyes is a family of advanced optics for Virtual Reality headsets. The patent pending (six patents) ThinEyes family can double the headset resolution keeping the size of OCULUS RIFT or HTC headsets. Alternatively, ThinEyes can decrease the headset volume down to a ¼, compared to these competitors, while keeping the same performance, in both resolution and large Field of View (required for a truly immersive VR experience). The different ThinEyes alternatives have been already prototyped, and have successfully shown the great potential of this technology. Prototypes include a high performance lens replacing one of the two OCULUS rift lenses, to show the resolution boost and an ultra-compact headset based on Thineyes technology

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