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  • Brandtrack
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  • Founded in 2014
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  • 5-10 employees is the most high-tech background music platform for commercial spaces. Our powerful algorithm tracks various consumer patterns to create a soundtrack that enhances the customer experience. Our clients invest large amounts of money on the visual display of their stores, but normally disregard the music as a channel in which they can connect with their clients by leaving the music selection in charge of the store managers or just providing general guidelines about it. This way of operating usually generates a negative impact on the customers, who often end up spending less time in the stores. Our service solves with an APP that allows our clients to: Reproduce a personalized playlist. Easily include audio messages with promotions if required. Control if the stores are actually reproducing our music. Keep the music updated. Reproduce the music without Internet connection. Reproduce music legally, by covering the respective licences in each cou

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