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Flying SpARk
  • Flying Spark
TypeStartup Startup interested in Funding, Clients, Strategic Partnerships, Talent, Technological Support, Visibility, Management Support
  • Flying SpARk
  • AgroTech
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  • Founded in 2015
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  • 2-5 employees

It is widely accepted that by 2050 the world will host 9 billion people. To accommodate this number, current food production will need to almost double. Land is scarce, oceans are overfished, and climate change poses problems for existing food production. Flying Spark produces a high quality protein powder from fruit fly larvae for human consumption as a healthier and sustainable alternative for livestock and plant protein. Flying SpArk is tackling global food shortages by developing an alternative protein source from fruit fly larvae. The product, available in powder form, offers a sustainable, healthy alternative to meat. Fruit fly larvae, in addition to being a good source of protein, are rich in calcium, magnesium and iron and Flying SpArk uses neither hormones or antibiotics when growing the larvae. Our proprietary technology enables farming the larvae in an environmentally efficient manner, using very little water or land and producing no GHG emissions or waste.

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