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  • Ermeo
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  • Founded in 2015
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Field technicians lack information to correctly perform their maintenance operations. They often have paper manuals as only help and do not have information about the equipments on which they must intervene. However all the information they need exist in the company's IT systems/databases. In addition, they have difficulty in collecting data on the ground and usually use paper forms to do so. Ermeo is positioned as the Zapier of the Industry. Ermeo is a plug and play SaaS platform that makes possible to simply interconnect the company's IT systems (Asset management systems, Maintenance systems, Sensors databases, Documentation) to an app thanks to a pivot database. The objective is to provide field technicians with the right information at the right time thanks to an app and allow them to collect information directly from the app through forms connected to those IT systems. Ermeo's goal is not to replace existing systems, but to add value by connecting them.

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