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  • Chazki
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  • Chazki
  • Logistics
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  • Founded in 2014
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  • +30 employees

Chazki is the leading package delivery platform for ecommerce and retail operators in Latin America. In essence, Chazki has developed a package delivery platform focused on solving the last mile logistics problems presented in Latin America through a proprietary technology platform that tracks in real-time the location and status of every package delivered by Chazki. The problem we are trying to solve is based on the delivery experience of the ecommerce and retail clients in Latin America that is below the global standard, and Chazki is transforming the way people receive shipments for their purchases online or in retail, through a fast, secure, transparent and reliable shipping service We have also managed to start a micro-multinational delivering over 800 packages a day in both Argentina and Perú, serving over 120 happy customers (B2B) and planning in a short term to keep on expanding throughout Latin America starting with Mexico.

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