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If you had a blank piece of paper, what would insurance companies look like? Well, for starters you would be able to get unbiased, personalised guidance. From people you trust. They would use your data to protect you and your family. They wouldn't be paid commissions by insurance companies, or be incentivised to sell you more stuff you don’t need. They would be paid by you, and it would be transparent, and they would be on your side. All the middlemen who take money out of your pocket would be cut out of the process. And the cost savings from that would be passed on to you. There would be no more of the multiple, fragmented policies you are forced to buy now. Policies that seem to make it easy for insurance companies to wriggle out of their obligations, because they are so hard for you to understand. Instead, you would be able to get one easy solution that was tailored to your needs. Insurance as unique as you are. We have raised USD 2M in seed and signed GenRe as partners.

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