Selected Startups

And these are the selected Startups among the participants of the Startup Competition 2016


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Aplazame, S.L. Instant credit for online shopping Spain
Indexa Capital Spanish 1st Automated Investment Service Spain
Paynopain easyGOband is a new way of enjoying and making social events more profitable. Through a RFID wristband users are enabled to pay, interact with social media like Facebook,Twitter or Spotify, identify themselves, participate in raffles, store health data and other useful functionalities. Spain
Prior Shop on your favourite places from your phone. Spain
Startupxplore The european syndicate investing platform Spain
TikkR Customized short-duration insurance Sweden
Zank Zank is a P2P marketplace lending. With our low operating costs, minimal regulatory constraints and data-driven models, we are giving borrowers easier access to credit, and answering the needs of yield-starved investors. Spain


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
IMERSIVO SL New sales channel: an online personal shopper will help customers to create their best look with the available products of the Brand. Spain
QaShops Connecting Manufacturers with Online Marketplaces Spain
Zip Security Security lock for zips patented worldwide with mobile app and control via bluetooth Spain

Industry & Energy

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
ALBUFERA ENERGY STORAGE Primary Aluminium Battery Spain
Applied Nanoparticles S.L Production of an additive (Biogas+) based on iron oxide nanoparticles to increase biogas production by 200%. Spain
Atooma Context awareness empowered by AI Italy
Avionics Control Systems B.V. Environmental City Brain Netherlands
Bioo Generating electricity from plant's photosynthesis Spain
BMG Intepco Limited innovative environmentally benign water treatment solution United Kingdom
Carriots PaaS for IOT application development Spain
Exipple Studio S.L. “Gestoos™ can see and understand people in any environment and context Spain
GNANOMAT, S:L: graphene nanotechnology energy storage Spain
Hutoma we build deep learning digital employees Spain
Renewable Energy and Processes S.L Innovations storage systems for CSP Spain
SunUtions We bring the Sunlight indoors. Egypt
Xerolutions S.L. Advanced materials for energy applications Spain

Health & Wellness

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
BIOHOPE Scientific Solutions for Human Health SL Personalize treatment of transplant rejection Spain
Enzymlogic Real-time drug discovery platform Spain
Orphidia, Inc. Rapid, accessible blood diagnostics United States
Playbrush GmbH Nintendo Wii for oral healthcare Austria
Quibim Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers for Medicine Spain
radAR Set-up Improving radiotherapy with Augmented-Reality Spain
Speratum Cancer Therapeutics Novel effective treatment against pancreatic cancer Costa Rica
Unima Disease diagnostics in a paper device Mexico
UNIVERSAL DIAGNOSTICS S.L. Blood test for the early detection of cancer Spain


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Drivy European leading peer-to-peer car rental platform Spain
Hundredrooms Metasearch engine for vacation rentals. Spain
Shipeer Blablacar for cargo Spain
SimpliRoute Optimizador de rutas de despacho Chile
Travel Compositor Booking engine multi product and multi destinations for tourism market Spain
Waynabox Adventure trips to surprise destinations Spain


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
AgriLedger Cryptoledger for small farmer cooperatives Jersey
Ava Winery Wines created molecule by molecule United States
Biome Makers Spain Inc. Rethink the quality of Wine United States
ec2ce Artificial Intelligence for Smart Agro Spain
Eskesso Cook like a chef at home, even when you are out. It´s easy, smart and healthy. Spain
Niwa Enabling everyone to grow their own food United States
PHENIX Social business that works in waste reduction France
WeFarm Sharing vital crowdsourced information that improves lives around the world, Even without access to internet United Kingdom
WiseCrop Agricultural Operating System Portugal


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Bluebottlebiz First Collaborative learning platform Spain
Cuicui Studios We analyze multiple intelligences Spain
MD USE INNOVATIONS Molecular modeling software. Apps for Education & Research. Edtech. Bioinformatics. Spain
Showleap sign language translator to speak Spain
Workkola Edtech marketplace for experiential learning and recruiting Spain

Media & Entertainment

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Aircall The best phone system for support, sales and marketing teams France
Brandtrack Spotify for Businness Argentina
Criptext Inc We allow banks to easily integrate secure messaging and file transfer into their web and mobile apps for an m-commerce experience. United States
Languing Language social network Spain
Limbak Extreme-perfomance optics enabling the new Virtual Reality Spain
Teltoo P2P CDN for video distribution Spain
ViLynx Spain SLU best 5 seconds of your video Spain
Wooptix Spain


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Beroomers Global mid-term housing marketplace Spain
Glovo Anything on-demand Spain
iLost iLost is the google of lost & found. Fast growing startup, we returned 12.000 lost items to their owners in 26 countries. Netherlands
Onomo Minimalist urban bike navigation United Kingdom
Spotahome Spotahome is becoming the largest rental site for mid to long term accommodation. It allows to rent your future home in a trustfully, transparent, quick, cheaper and pure online process. Spain
Wave The Whatsapp of Geolocation Spain


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Atlantia Search Ondemand Online Market Research Mexico
GEOBLINK Computer Software Spain
Hibox Productivity app with built-in task management, team messaging and videoconferencing Argentina
LeanXcale Ultra-Scalable SQL Database Spain
Sedicii Securing your identity and privacy Ireland
Snapp The Business Platform for a Mobile-Only Economy United States
WORKTEL Working spaces in hotels by the hour Spain