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Since 2021, South Summit has been focusing on the Green Economy. We believe that entrepreneurs are the antidote to many of the world’s crises, including the climate crisis. We believe entrepreneurs form a crucial part of the climate solution and wish to use our platform to inspire the next generation of startups and businesses to be the change we need. With every crisis comes opportunity. With the transition to a low/no carbon global economy, trillions of dollars are being invested in products, systems, solutions and services that enable this transition. From ESG reporting tools to advances in renewable energy distribution to regenerative agriculture and the circular economy, not a single industry is left untouched. Join us in this green revolution, and let’s change the world for the better.


The ecosystem in motion

That is why South Summit is turning to the green economy. We believe that entrepreneurs are the antidote to crises, including climate change. They play a crucial role. We want to inspire the next generation of startups and companies to be the change we need, by transitioning to a sustainable global economy. We are shaping the future.

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The only way to shape that future is to create it. We collaborate with the most sustainable distributors to reduce emissions within our supply chain. We are taking all possible measures so that our impact is positive and our net emissions zero.

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A deal with tomorrow

The climate crisis is an immediate problem that requires immediate action. But it is also a long-term problem that requires profound change. That is why we have signed the SME Climate Hub Pledge, recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign. We are committed to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of being emission-free by 2030, twenty years before the deadlines set by the Paris Agreement.

With your participation, we can achieve it. From now on, and forever. That’s why we’re calling on the South Summit community to join us. Commit to reaching Net-Zero.

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