South Summit Health
& Wellbeing, Valencia.

Save the date 3-4 november
La Marina València, Spain
Up to 25 startup finalists
100 shapers

South Summit Health & Wellbeing Valencia is back with a brand new sustainable encounter where all the key players from the industry will gather: investors, startups and corporations. Access the best networking and Health & Wellbeing content by top experts in the field. See you in Veles e Vents on November 3-4th.


The Startup Competition is now open! Be part of the most disruptive startups of Health & Wellbeing. Join the competition to be part of this special edition of South Summit.

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An ecosystem with roots and branches

Oportunities are not concentrated in a single place: innovation and sustainability in different industries open new possibilities. This is why, despite having deep roots, South Summit also grows through its branches . A strategic deployment of distinct vertical encounters allows us to identify the most advanced industries and the most promising ecosystems.

We want to kickstart innovation and develop those sectors , whether it is about mobility in Málaga , Digital Industry in Bilbao or healthcare and wellbeing in Valencia.

Why Health and Wellbeing?

First things first

Healthcare is, and always has been one of the most important factors in determining the quality of life of any country. It is an industry in a constant quest of developing breakthrough innovations.

Wellbeing, as well, is an increasing concern for governments and companies alike. Mental health, happiness, purpose and prosperity are becoming valuable metrics to take into consideration.

This encounter will explore the various dimensions of innovation in healthcare and wellbeing led by governments, startups, corporations and investors.


Head and home of Health and Wellbeing

Valencia is a blossoming ecosystem bursting with enthusiastic talent. The Mediterranean city is experimenting fast-paced growth, with a high number of startups, increasing employment rates, a wide community of investors and a solid health industry network.

This year’s omnichannel encounter is a big step towards our long – term aim: to position Valencia as a key innovation hub and a role mode l city in terms of Health and Wellbeing.

Its big business potential and rich culture have taken Valencia to be the perfect location for the development and creation of Health and Wellbeing business opportunities.

Why South Summit?

Discover the value of joining the

high-value ecosystem in Valencia

Enjoy yourself while you widen your network with leading companies and startups. Meet word-class innovators, discover new trends and access workshops to learn the most demanded skills.


/ Boost your connections.

/ Meet other local and international investors and engage with the corporate community in Southern Europe and LatAm.

/ Gain access to unique deal flows while you experience the best Valencia has to offer.


/ Get your project to thrive.

/ Gain access to our big pool of different investors.

/ Achieve exposure to media and the whole ecosystem.

/ Seize the opportunity to win the South Summit Valencia startup competition and boost your success.


/ Unveil the best collaboration opportunities

with the wide South Summit community.

/ Introduce yourself to a peer network

of Innovation Teams.

/ Access a unique pipeline of innovative companies.

/ Recruit enthusiastic young talent.

Startup Competition

Make it happen

You could be among the Startup Competition 20 finalists, who will get a chance to pitch the projects in front of the main actors in the Health & Wellbeing ecosystem, as well as 1-to-1 meetings with top investors. Apply now and make the most of this unique opportunity.


Listen to our Shapers

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